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Need help? Use our chat button below to speak with someone now!

Turn your USB port into a charging port

Technology for charging is going through a growth spurt and we have some options to keep you "charged" up.

You can choose from: Good Charging, Better Charging, and our Best Charging

 WattageUSB AUSB CQC3.0

Looking for a USB A charger but still want that fast charging protocol?

Choose our Good Charging option.

Good Charging: 18W - 1 Port USB A - QC3.0
Good for your standard quick charging on a USB A connector.

Have a mix of electronics that use both a USB A and a USB C cord?

Choose our Better Charging option to give you the ability to charge an USB A and a USB C at the same time.

Better Charging: 30W - 1 USB A Port and 1 USB C Port - QC3.0, PD3.0
Single Port USB C usage can output the full 30W.
When both ports are used the USB C is outputting 18W and the USB A is outputting 12W.

Need to charge your laptop?

Choose our Best Charging option of a 65W charger!

Best Charging: 65W - 1 USB A Port and 2 USB C Ports - GaN2, QC4+, QC3.0, PD3.0
Single Port Use on either USB C port is the full 65W and 60W for USB A port
Top USB C port outputs 45W when used in combination with either 2nd USB C port or USB A port
When all 3 ports are used the top USB C port still outputs 45W while the remaining two ports output 15W