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Here are some images of our products in use. If you have a unique image of the product that you'd like to put in our gallery let us know!

Gray MG Power Plus next to a person sitting in a chair. The person is holding their phone as it is being charged.

USB A and USB C ports are available to charge your phone

Gray MG Power Plus shown between two chairs. There is an old world globe to the left and parts of images of the globe on the wall behind

Power at user height in flexible seating areas

White 36

Brings power to areas where outlets are not available

Color Image of a Gray 36

Fits seamlessly amongst more casual spaces

MG Power Plus between chair and long bench

Who wants to have to look behind furniture for an outlet?

MG Power Plus amongst furniture in open workspace

Brings added functionality to open Student Union spaces

MG Power Plus - Coffee Shop

Enjoy your favorite coffee spot while charging your laptop

MG Power Plus nestled in the corner between two couches

Want hotel guests to hang out? Give them a place to recharge!

MG Power Plus - Seating Area

People make hotel lobbies vibrant. Acces to power gives them a reason to stay longer.

MG Power Plus - Between Chairs in Lobby

Use when power is needed in a temporary seating area

White MG Power plus unit shown next to a purple chair with a small side table attached in front of windows.

Keep your phone charged while waiting in the hotel lobby

Gray MG Power Plus shown charging a phone. Coffee Mug and Laptop in foreground with unit, plant, and stand in background

Keep your phone charged while waiting in the hotel lobby

IMG_E6935 - Straight - 368x490.jpg__PID:c8b2cd17-2d45-4073-93b4-e6d57067bc81

Bungee cords give you a secure place to hold your device

White MG Power Plus charging a phone and laptop that are sitting on a desk surface with books in the background

Power at desk height without sacrificing options