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Customize any product - Call us @ (203)-242-8500 - Free telecom plate samples available
It's the human connection that matters

It's the human connection that matters

We are happy to have Mike Brandstatter (Mike B.) and his terrible sense of humor back in the office. Mike is one of our Design Engineers. He had a recent health setback during his long road to recovery.  In early 2020, Mike and his wife, Lisa, were on a motorcycle at a stop light when they were t-boned by another car. Thankfully everyone survived, but both Mike and Lisa suffered significant long-term injuries.

Since then, with 2 years of grueling hard work and despite some other minor setbacks, Mike has made remarkable progress. What has amazed us most is his positive attitude about his life altering circumstances. Rather than dwelling on the situation, Mike has accepted his condition, adapted, adopted, and got on with living and recovery. He is a great example of three of the values we try to exemplify at Conscious Power Solutions - inspire through action, strive to always do your best, and have fun!

We are all thankful to Bridgeport Hospital and Gaylord Rehabilitation Hospital, for their life saving care and long-term commitment to Mike and Lisa during their recovery journey.