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Customize any product - Call us @ (203)-242-8500 - Free telecom plate samples available

KG Track

KG Track - On the Floor (OTF) Installation   KG Track - On the Floor (OTF) showing 3 branches, 4 total Power Boxes, and 4 Hubs   KG Track - Under the Carpet (UTC) - Basic Setup with carpet tiles removed for clarity   KG Track - Under the Carpet (UTC) - Close up of Power Box showing power cable and network cable plugged in

The KG Track was developed to bring power and data to the point of use in an ever more flexible and open office/work environment. Keeping the customer in mind, the KG track was designed so that it is easy to install on the floor or under a carpet. It offers several flexible configurations to fit almost any office/work space.

Need to bring your power and data out from the wall and also turn 90 degrees? No problem, we can do that with the KG Track.

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